Weaving since 1915

It all started in the 20s , when his father went to the ” sturgeon ” with the farmers to process, wool and linen.

In the Mid-50s, he settled in San Vigilio, on Plazores Street, the current headquarters of the art weaving Pedevilla L., to open a small workshop where he made tablecloths, blankets of wool, and hand-woven carpets. In 1983, the son assumed the direction of the business.

Today, the art of weaving Pedevilla L., in San Vigilio, has two shops, where tradition and modernity complement each other.

Tradition meets modern


Culture and tradition characterize the art of weaving ” Pedevilla L. ” The craft of weaving art has been passed down from father to son, who runs the family business to this day.

In addition to a diverse selection of fabrics in cotton and linen, tablecloths and curtains, in both traditional and contemporary design, you will also find decorative items from leading brands such as Mathilde M. , Angelica and Country Corner in a wide-ranging assortment.

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